Cloudmail (TM) is simple and reliable. Log in with your Digital Doorman (TM) algorithm key fob or smartphone authentication app for an extra layer of security encryption.

Store all of your e-mails, pictures, videos, documents and memories in one secure vault in the cloud with Cloudmail.

The best part: for peace-of-mind, back up all of your data from Cloudmail to an external hard disk or cd burner on your local home computer or gaming system any time.

Test your backups any time. With the "run from backup" command - which is loaded along with your backup download, you can see all of your data just as if you were connected to your Cloudmail account. You can also work offline - adding new data to this backup, and then use the synchronize command and upload all of your new data to the cloud. This option is only shown if you turn on "Level 2" options, which are a little more complex than "Level 1", which is simpler and easy-to-use.

With Cloudmail, you can keep your Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, FaceBook and Twitter addresses. Cloudmail pulls-in all the mail and data from all of your connected accounts and securely stores it on our servers. You can even have an email address.

Cloudmail's easy-to-use interface helps you organize and view all of your data. And if you don't feel like organizing it, Cloudmail's search function can help you find your long forgotten document that you suddenly need!

Want a physical - hard copy of your pictures and videos? Cloudmail has dvd-burner software built-in. Many laptops have dvd writers which you can use to store your data onsite - at your house. Want to store your pictures, videos and movies on Cloudmail? Just upload your dvd or connect your VHS to your laptop and follow the instructions. If you don't have the right cables, we'll direct you to to help you find what you need to accomplish the job. View your movies and photos from Cloudmail on any DVD player, too!

If you'd like, you can mail us your DVD's or VHS tapes and we'll upload them for your for $9.95 per disk or tape.

If you'd like us to mail you a DVD that has your Cloudmail videos or pictures on it, we'll do that for $9.95 per disk.

Cloudmail is not here to hold you hostage nor gouge you with fees. We're here to store your data securely and privately, with no risk that your info will ever be searchable by the public. And because our servers are in Amsterdam and Switzerland your data has privacy.

*Cloudmail is free with storage up to 5 megabytes of data so that you can try it risk-free without committing to anything. If you like it and need more storage 1 terabyte of Cloudmail secure storage is $24 per year, paid in advance. Billed 6 months in advance so we have time to find you if you don't reply to our e-mail invoice!

**Cloudmail uses a VPN (virtual private network) When you connect to our servers, your data travels through a private tunnel that is secured at both ends by a Digital Doorman.

Cloudmail is still in programming & development phase.

Cloudmail & Digital Doorman are trademarks of Affordable Webhosting, Inc.